Friday, June 17, 2011

Painting walls

We are painting a room for a project and thought I would show you the production of getting the perfect color(takes time but is well worth the effort)
As color is the least expensive of major changes a room can have ( Remember - it pays dividends in the end)  
to go through this process.  
1. I think there should be no less than three colors (picked from client's wishes)

2.  Boards are painted (if we paint on boards we won't leave big color blocks on the wall)

3. Tape painted boards at different spots around the room (colors change with the time of day)
I put colors up on three walls North, South & West
what I think looks just right in the can or color wheel can change once the paint has dried (colors dry darker) - take a look at the color- morning, noon & night to see if desired effect is what you want at different times of the day, believe me! the paint changes color as you go through the day.

When we are taking the paint boards to client I usually stack them between wax paper so they do not stick together. 

Now you are ready to put them on the wall at the clients(or your own home) 

There are different finishes-flat, eggshell, pearl, satin, semi-gloss, high gloss-
I prefer eggshell for flat walls-it is washable and durable(for kiddies-pets etc. it is Grand) Remember one thing-High Gloss Paint shows every imperfection that a wall can have. 
so dear reader, get those paint bushes out and start painting!

There's a great eco friendly paint company I have used for those who are in need of a source. It is called Yolo Color House. They make environmentally responsible paint.

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  1. Such a great tip! So helpful and saves time in the end! Love it!
    xo E + J

  2. that's a great idea to paint the samples on boards! i usually end up with 15 samples all over the client's walls. soo tacky. now i'm embarrased!!!!!

    cote de texas

  3. don't be embarrassed Joni..thank you for your sweet peggy

  4. E + J thank you for your peggy

  5. All the designs are well placed. Beautiful.


    1. sorry I am so late in replying. Thank you! love peggy