Friday, April 15, 2011

London Design Center

 I was working in the UK for the last days of March. Here are pictures from the Design Center in London. How beautiful it was & how I adored being there.

The Chelsea Harbour Design Center has three domes. The center dome, where you see the cranes flying in the above picture.

This is dome north or south - can't remember which-they were all just beautiful and full of natural light. There is a balcony, or walkway you can see in the below picture that runs around each floor. The showrooms are located off this balcony on each floor. 

This is a shot taken from one of the balconies looking down in the main dome to the restaurant below.

A close-up of the cranes that flew over head, in the center dome..they were so lovely.

To get to the various floors in each dome,  you could use elevators or these beautiful stairs. I loved walking up the stairs. Aren't they lovely...this is a shot of the stairs from one of the domes.

In the center dome there was a delicious restaurant all in white & on each table was a sign of spring!

In a showroom this beautiful orchid plant with pussy willows (in the background of this shot you can see the restaurant).  

How I loved visiting this Design Center, each showroom was beautiful and everyone was so helpful to this Yank!

I believe we are separated by a common language - English.

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  1. Peggy how leegant and full of light with that wonderful dome!

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