Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sketches by Valentino

Hope you enjoy feasting on these pictures as much as I have..these are images(only some) from a 1993 Desk Calendar by Shirley Kennedy (gifted to me by Wallace Bond)  3 of the sketches from Valentino+stay tuned for more designer sketches in other post.

isn't this bathing suit sketch something!
description under each sketch-"Stripe it rich: a shapely Lycra swimsuit in Valentino red & white stripes. A giant signature foulard, gold hat and matching jewelry add excitement"

little pink suit "Via Condotti: a luscious pink light-weight wool crepe suit is detailed with that famous Valentino bow, lots of gold buttons and a saucy short skirt"

little red evening dress..."Alla plazzo: vivid Valentino red for a fantasy evening gown with a draped off the shoulder neckline and full sheer sleeves"

All of the proceeds from this fabulous 1993 desk calendar went to DIFFA!
 That even makes it more special to me! 
Thanks, Wallace.


  1. Hello Peggy,
    Beautiful designs....I lovvvve the first one,
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  2. Love the bathing suit sketch! Thanks Peggy!